Eiko Ojala Illustrates Controversial Topics

There are many controversial things going on in the world right now. The pandemic, climate change, and social problems are just some of them, and artist Eiko Ojala is raising awareness by illustrating these topics in his own unique way.

Ojala is famous for his minimalist style and has done many editorial and commercial projects before. This time, he had a task to create memorable illustrations about the most burning topics in the world and he didn’t disappoint.

You’ve probably seen his work before; his recognizable paper and shadow style brought him many fans. The artist lives and works in Estonia. As he told Colossal, he wants the viewer “to have a feeling that they would like to touch the illustration with their fingers.” His work grew and developed over time, and when you see his recent art it’s clear that he started introducing more layers and more complex topics.

As we mentioned, Ojala is always working on some editorial projects, but he also sets aside time for personal work. His recent Hugs series had a goal to raise money for the Estonian mental health support organization Peaasi. Check out his Instagram page to see more of his work and buy prints on Saatchi Art.