Man Recreates Iconic Album Covers Using Only LEGO Bricks

We all remember those days blissful days as a child. When there were no responsibilities, no job and, no stress, and all we did was play with our friends—specifically with the legendary LEGO toys. How many years have passed since you have made something creative, the way you would with your LEGO set as a kid? Artist Adnan Lotia still messes around with this medium in a cool way, and uses LEGO to create amazing musically inspired masterpieces.

‘Til today, album covers are important in the music industry. But especially back in the day, albums were so iconic and significant to an artist’s brand of music, that many of the album covers are recognizable to this day.

Adnan Lotia, Uvupv on Instagram, is a digital creator who appreciates the artistry of album covers and has taken on his own way of recreating them. His IG is loaded with his recreations of popular music albums, all creatively built by using LEGO pieces.

Not just that, but he enjoys playing with words and recreating titles for the albums he creates, like Brick side of the Moon, The Rolling Bricks, Fleetwood Brick, Dire Bricks. Check out some of his work!

You can find even more intricate and accurate album cover recreations with artists like Cher, Queen, Annie Lennox, Dave Matthews Band, here.