These 3D Photos Will Have You Doubting Your Own Reality

Christopher Nolan’s 2010 blockbuster, Inception has inspired a group of photographers to create their own astonishing images.

The film, about life-like dreams, features an architect who creates the scenes by building layers upon layers.

By layering pictures on themselves, the team at the Lestnica video production company has brought Russian cities to life in an almost 3-dimensional way.

“The first time I saw shots similarly to these was in the movie Inception,” said, founder of Lestnica, Artem Prudentov. “I thought it was computer graphics and it was impossible to take the same kind of shot in real life. A little later, my friend Ivan Medvedev sent me pictures that resembled those from the film. He found them on the internet and I thought it was just a photo of a 3D model. I said it wasn’t possible to take the same real picture of the city. but all this time, I was thinking about how to get a picture like that.”

Through 100 photoshoots and more than a thousand photographs captured from different angles, the photographers managed to layer the images to create the effect they wanted.

“I started trying. I took pictures, edited them, found mistakes, and corrected them. This cycle was repeated again and again over the following months,” said Prudentov.

Each picture took over 12 hours to complete because beauty takes time.