19-Year-Old Student Found a a 200-Year-Old Bottle on the Beach

Image via maristella890 on Instagram

Marina Mlačič also known as maristella890 on social media is a 19-year-old college student who spends most of her days beachcombing and searching for sea treasures like seashells, corals, sea glass and sea pottery, which she would later use to make her sea-themed jewelry.

The Ankaran, Slovenia-based girl began her crafting career after her grandmother died. She firstly started with soap baskets for different occasions, but later on she decided to switch onto jewelry.

However, Malčič’s proudest find is in fact a 200-year-old undamaged Maraschino bottle from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

“After finding it, I returned it back home to the Cosmacendi Palace, where in the past lived the maker of the bottle and is now the Museum of Ancient Glass! It was not only an incredible find but also a bottle without any proof that it even existed.” – Mlačič explained.

Nowadays, her beautiful and unique jewelry creations are worn by girls from all around the world.

Scroll down and have a glimpse of her collections below.