Abbey Lossing Paints a Heartfelt, Modern-Day Picture

Abbey Lossing has found her niche as an artist, and her 339,000 followers can attest to that. Millennials, in particular, have taken strongly to her minimalist approach, which she uses pretty consistently to great effect. Lossing also focuses heavily on using bright, bold, colors that almost scream to the audience in a way that’s quite powerful. But more than anything, Lossing’s work touches people because of what it’s saying.

There’s a very modern aesthetic to Lossing’s message. A young woman in a gym outfit walking her dog. A “lost and darkened” individual trying to find their way amongst a crowd of multi-colored people. A group of bike-riders at the park with a shining sun in the background.

It all has a very New York City feel to it, which certainly adds to its flavor. But all in all, it seems that people love her art for the way that they can realistically identify with the characters. Lossing expertly shows the audience who they are in her work, and they’re absolutely loving every minute of it.