Ami Barbhaya is a Passionate Food Blogger From Mumbai

In this day and age, there’s something that’s almost just as popular as eating food—writing about it. With social media platforms empowering individuals to share their stories as well as their talents, food bloggers have emerged out of the woodwork to declare their passion for the various foods they encounter. Ami Barbhaya is a Mumbai, India-based food blogger who shares his thoughts about the different delicacies he eats—and his followers are loving his opinions.

In his Instagram bio, Barbhaya writes a very wise quote: “count the memories, not the calories.” This statement illustrates aptly how he feels about food, but also how he approaches life, and we’re totally here for it. So many people today focus so heavily on calories—and while there’s nothing wrong with being more health-conscious, it’s also important to enjoy your life.

Barbhaya is a vegetarian, and the food he reviews follows this fact. You can read the feedback he’s written about dishes such as pizza sandwiches, cheese tortillas, and best of all, a handful of Indian delicacies that you may have never heard of before. If you like what you see here, check out his Instagram account to see some more of his best reviews!