Artist Makes Crocheted Pasta Shapes

Crocheting is an addictive hobby with plenty of creative potential. Once you learn the basic stitches you can start manipulating yarn and making all kinds of objects and garments you want. We really like what artist Normalynn Ablao is doing—she turns simple yarn into different pasta shapes. Everyone who loves pasta should check out her work!

“I am a mother, teacher, and ET contactee. I’ve been crocheting since 2001 and I love it! It’s my hobby and therapy. It’s a channel to my boundless, exploring, ever-expanding true self. It puts me in the gamma state for full freedom of expression,” Laughing Squid quotes the artist.

Based in California, this creative lady also makes Cake Sachets and donates the profit to local charities. As she says, crocheting is therapeutic and she loves contributing and helping with her talent.

You can make your own crochet pasta using Ablao’s patterns available on Etsy. There’s a discount if you buy two! She has patterns for many different foods, not just pasta, including macarons, cheeseburgers, donuts, pies, etc.

Check out her work below and follow her on Instagram if you want to see more. She also has a website where you can learn about her work and try out some free patterns!