Base Coat Stories is Crafting Delicate Nail Art Inspired By “Bridgerton”

Jasmin Hirsemann of Base Coat Stories created countless amazing nail art looks over the years, and some of them are inspired by your favorite Netflix series. She received millions of views after crafting a series of delicate manicures inspired by our favorite Bridgerton characters.

Hirsemann fell in love with nail art over a decade ago, but she couldn’t have even imagined sharing her manicures with 240,000 Instagram followers at the start of her journey. The German nail artist honed her skills by watching YouTube tutorials and dreaming about achieving the same level of perfection.

She was working in retail at the time and being a full-time nail artist seemed like a distant dream, but she eventually made it happen. She opened her Instagram page @basecoatstories in 2020 and joined TikTok around the same time, attracting an impressive following on both platforms.

We’ve seen Hirsemann craft hundreds of amazing manicures over the years, and some of her very best are inspired by Bridgerton. A viral video that attracted millions of views on Instagram saw her crafting nail art that pays homage to Colin Bridgerton, Penelope Featherington, and Will Mondrich. She later made a follow-up video, featuring manicures inspired by Francesca Bridgerton, Tilley Arnold, and Eloise Bridgerton.