Blue is the Warmest Color in Leyla Mo’s Ceramic Art

The color blue served as a source of inspiration for artists for centuries since it has the power to bring serenity and peace to everything around us. Leyla Mo couldn’t escape its charm and she’s now known under the alter ego Blue Bug since most of her ceramic art is decorated with different shades of blue.

Leyla Monteferrante aka Leyla Mo originally hails from Iran, but she’s been based in The Hague, Netherlands for over a decade. She describes herself as a “late-night ceramic artist” because she’s actually a health economist with a background in industrial engineering and has no technical artistic training.

Even though her academic career took her in a different direction, Leyla Mo has always been passionate about art. She tried many different ways to get creative while working as an engineer, and something finally clicked when she discovered ceramics.

“I started to try ceramics in 2019, and day after day I became more passionate about it. While I spend most of my time being a mom and a scientist, I cherish the moments I get – mostly in the evenings – to create ceramic pieces,” she explained on her official website.

The color blue is the most common motif in her work, which is generally inspired by Dutch and Italian traditional pottery, Middle Eastern patterns, nature, and animals.