Calvin Seibert Builds Unique “Brutal” Sandcastles

We all loved building sandcastles during summer beach visits when we were kids. Heck, most of us like to do it even after growing up. There is just something special in letting your imagination loose and seeing it take shape in the form of an sand construction, even if it will be completely gone in a matter of hours.

Calvin Seibert is one of those people who never stopped making sandcastles. However, the way he does it has changed over the years. Now that he’s older, he isn’t building fairytale castles out of the sand. Rather, his new sand constructions are buildings that have roots in brutalist architecture.

His works are known to be extremely clean and sleek, with sharp lines and an absence of decoration. Seibert calls his style “modern” but admits the sandcastles he creates would be deemed as “brutal” if they were turned into an actual building.

“Now, if they were to be actual buildings and made of concrete they would certainly be Brutal and show up in a Google search for ugly buildings as do many Brutalist buildings,” Seibert explained in a recent interview.

Seibert frequently shares his creations on Flickr and Instagram. Check out more of them below.