Check Out These Hilarious One-Paneled Comics By Tom Falco

Tom Falco is an artist best-known for his funny one-panel comics that usually surprise his readers with an unexpected twist. He started exploring art in his earliest childhood because he was “born with it”. And according to his statements, he’ll only stop doing art the moment he takes his last breath.

He describes his style as “fast-quick-sparse”. But his main goal is to “complement” the gags and jokes.

“The most difficult part, I would think, is coming up with the ideas or gags for the cartoons. The drawing is the easy part. Coming up with daily ideas is the main work involved,” the Miami-based Falco said in an interview for Bored Panda. “And my humor as a bit cerebral. Not everyone gets the gags. I think at times my humor makes you stop and think.”

Sometimes you can find puns, wordplay, and a little bit of dark humor. Being inspired by anything and everything, the artist publishes his work five times a week, from Monday to Friday.

“One of my biggest cartooning influences is Charles Schulz, I love his simple style and way of storytelling. Also, most of Hanna Barbera, especially The Flintstones. One of the first characters I could draw was Fred Flintstones,” he added.

To see his work, check out the gallery below.