Check Out This Colorized Video of Paris in the 1920s

Screenshot via glamourdaze/YouTube

We tend to idealize the past and often wish we lived in the “good old times”. While we can’t know for sure what life in those days was like, but we have some clues that can help us imagine. It’s incredible how much things have changed in the past few decades alone, and even more in the past century. If you’ve always been curious to see what people did in Paris during the Roaring Twenties (1920s), check out the footage below.

The name Roaring Twenties describes the decade of the 1920s in Western Culture. The period was marked by economic prosperity, a cultural edge, and it was celebrated in a unique fashion in big cities like NYC, Berlin, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Chicago.

The video below, titled A Day in 1920’s Paris, was published by Youtube channel Glamour Daze. It shows a typical day in Paris in 1927. The original footage, which was black and white, was colorized and technically improved to look more realistic.

“Time travel back to Paris of the roaring ’20s, flappers, bobbed hair, cloche hats, and dancing to jazz! Brought to life with AI deep learning techniques,” reads the video description.

Click play below to watch it!