Check Out The “Senior Song Book” Album Created By a 102-Year-Old and 88-Year-Old Friends

Who says that fun stops when you get old? 102-year-old lyricist Alan R. Tripp and his 88-year-old friend and jazz pianist Marvin Weisbord proved that theory wrong. The remarkable duo released their first-ever music album titled Senior Song Book.

They both live in the same Pennsylvania retirement community and have been working on songs since 2017. They have come up with eight songs and two remixes.

“So we’re writing songs that are recognizable, in genres that are recognizable, with lyrics telling stories about what our lives are like now,” Wisbord told Hannah Batanson of the Washington Post, whilst Tripp explained that they are giving old people a chance to be young again, and he added that they never thought about publishing the album because of the profit, they just wanted to have fun.

However, if you want to support their work you can find their Senior Song Book on for $9.99.