Christoph Niemann’s Illustrations Will Change the Way You Think

Christoph Niemann is an award-winning German “visual storyteller” whose artworks have gained recognition worldwide. His pieces have graced the covers of numerous influential magazines, including The New York Times, while two of his illustrations even made it to the Google Doodle of the day.

Niemann recently presented an intriguing new series in which he incorporated household items into illustrations. These items are cleverly inserted into the artworks, making them look like a natural part of the composition.

This includes a brush being used as a dancer’s dress or a bottle posing as a camera for an avid photographer.

According to Niemann, these works are usually a result of a momentary inspiration. While working in his studio, he sees an object and gets an idea of how to make it a part of an illustration.

Sometimes the best part isn’t just about how skilled a person is at their craft, but rather how able someone is to think outside of the box. Creativity comes in many different shapes and forms, and clearly, Niemann isn’t your typical talent!

Check out more of his works below.