Curious Zelda Will Put a Smile on Your Face with Her Hilarious Expressions

It’s not uncommon for cats to make unusual facial expressions when being startled by humans, but Curious Zelda is taking things to a whole new level. This black and white cat became a social media superstar thanks to her resting shocked face.

Zelda caught the eye of her owner Matt Taghioff when he stumbled upon a rescue shelter ad that read, “don’t be put off by my spooked expression.” He didn’t even consider adopting any other cat but Zelda and her curious eyes were a big part of her charm.

Zelda won over his friends and family with her hilarious facial expressions, and they convinced him to start an Instagram and Twitter page for his adorable pet. Not long after taking their advice, he attracted 185,000 followers to Zelda’s Instagram page with epic photos of her permanently shocked expression, accompanied by hilarious captions.

Curious Zelda grew into such a huge internet sensation that she even became a star of her own book, The Adventures of a Curious Cat. According to Amazon’s official description, this book gives insight into Zelda’s unique view of the world. It also dispenses her unparalleled wisdom on a wide range of different subjects, from handling humans to communicating with furniture.

One thing is certain: Zelda is living proof that inspiration can come from a multitude of places.