Dad Makes Creative Lunchboxes

Being a parent of a picky eater can sometimes be nerve wracking, right? However, one dad from Oklahoma found the cure for his children’s “food tantrums.”

Beau Coffron aka Lunchbox Dad is a dad who makes creative lunches to his little ones, and every day he surprises them with playful meals that motivates them to eat. On his Instagram account where he has over 31k followers, he shares colorful recipes, gives amazing ideas to parents to bento style meals and how to make them really fun. The Grinch, the Minions, Finding Nemo, Pokémon, etc. are just some of the great lunchboxes Beau prepares.

Check out his delicious work below, but beware of hunger!

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If you were to ask your kids who their favorite superheroes are, what would their answer be? For my kids I guarantee Spider-Man would be in the top three! It's been a few years since my daughter received a Spidey lunch and my oldest son has never been given one. I figured it was about time for them to get their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man during lunchtime at school! I originally posted this today before I learned of the passing of Stan Lee this afternoon. I think it is fitting that Loot Crate is featuring Spider-Man in their monthly subscription box. I hope this lunch for my kids today, and the collectibles from Loot Crate, can serve as a great memory for a man who’s work has given our family such beautiful memories with our kids. You can sign up by 11/19 at 9pm PT at to get the gear which features Spider-Man. Go to to check it out. If you want to see my Spidey lunch recipe, make sure to go to my blog at No matter what, I’m going to remember Stan Lee for the joy he has given my kids and I. . . . #foodart #artfood #flatlaytoday #flatlays #flatlaylove #flatlay #bento #bentobox #bentoboxlunch #lunch #lunchideas #lunchbox #lunchtime #spiderman #marvel #disney #disneyfood #disneyart #foodblogger #foodphotography *This post contains an affiliate link which means I wasn't paid to post it, but I do get a small percentage if you get a subscription.

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