Eichi Matsunaga Designs the Nails of the Future

We might not own flying cars yet, but the future is definitely here… at least when it comes to fashion and beauty. Futuristic designs have taken center stage when it comes to recent nail art trends. Nail artists incorporate anything from jewelry to actual sculptures, intended to make a statement.

Nail artist Eichi Matsunaga is right at the forefront when it comes to futuristic nail designs. His work has been featured in campaigns and editorials for brands like Vogue Japan, Opening Ceremony, and Dazed. His designs include robotic-like enhancements and unique nails shaped like burning flames or jewelry.

“The nail art industry will continue to grow,” said Matsunaga in an interview with Nylon. “These days, there are so many artists that have so much originality and very unique styles and their own technique. I think this is proof that the industry is going to grow.”

Born in Japan, Matsunaga was initially inspired by his sister, who introduced him to nail art. He went on to practice his craft in Tokyo, before moving to NYC. “It took some time for me to find nail art,” he admits. “I always wanted to do something creative with beauty, and realized that I’ve always been obsessed with detailed work. Nail art was a great way for me to explore that.”

With celebrity clientele like Mandy Moore, Nikki Minaj, and Mindy Kaling, on top of some 80,000 fans on Instagram, Matsunaga’s has long outgrown his humble beginnings. Join the hype!