Embroidery Collective Creates Amazingly Detailed Vietnamese Stitch Art

Embroidery has a long tradition in Vietnam, with this form of art being part of the country’s culture for centuries. The XQ embroidery village, located in Da Lat and founded by XQ Vietnam embroidery company, is making efforts to keep this tradition alive by creating amazingly detailed stitch art inspired by Vietnamese culture.

Embroidery collective from XQ Vietnam uses a technique known as thread painting embroidery for their artworks. With this technique, which involves creating stitch layers in different colors, embroidery artists manage to create pieces that have a painting-like effect. It isn’t until you touch the work that you realize each line and shape is actually made using needle and fiber.

Given the incredibly detailed and complexity of their embroidery art, creating each piece requires a lot of patience and time. Even a minor mistake requires the artist to start from scratch. This is why some pieces can take weeks to complete while others spend months in the crafting process.

Nature, landscapes, and animals are the main subjects of XQ Vietnam embroidery. They usually depict lifelike scenes such as a kingfisher bird diving in the water to grab a fish or flock of cranes resting on a lotus flower-filled lake. 

Check out more of XQ Vietnam embroidery art below.