Emily Robinson is Channeling Her Inner Fairy in Her Viral TikTok Videos

From cottagecore to coastal grandma, TikTok has given us many viral aesthetics, and fairycore is one of the very best. If you’re not sure what it’s about, you’ll get all the answers you’re looking for on Emily Robinson’s TikTok page because she basically looks like a fairy come to life.

The fairycore craze is all about channeling your inner fairy by wearing whimsical clothes, makeup, and accessories, dressing in soft pastels, and wearing nature-inspired prints. No one does it better than Emily Robinson aka @emilyriboflavin, who goes to great lengths to transform herself into a fairy in each new video she shares with the world.

Robinson describes herself as a “real-life fairy, fake ginger, time traveler, and cat mom” on her Instagram profile, where she attracted over 600,000 followers. She’s an even bigger sensation on TikTok, where 1.8 million people patiently await each new video she shares with the world.

Robinson initially went viral after sharing a 2020 video dressed as a “mushroom fairy”, but that was only one in the long line of her fairycore clips. She transformed into all sorts of different fairies in the next two years, using a combination of makeup and dreamy outfits to create her whimsical looks.

@emilyriboflavin I dont care if im late to the trend, i look so fkn slay and thats all that matters!!✨makeup ib: @_baeleia 💕 #fyp #euphoria #makeup #transition #LIKEABOMBSHELL #FORDfortheBuilders ♬ Original sound – 🖤🥀Mafia Baby🥀🖤
@emilyriboflavin i said 🍄🌈🥺💍 #mushroomgirl #cottagecore #fairy #rainbow #mushroomfairy #PassTheBIC #fyp :)” href=”https://www.tiktok.com/music/GIMME-A-FAERIE-GF-6761745989528193798″ rel=”noopener”>♬ GIMME A FAERIE GF – perseus >:)
@emilyriboflavin looking camp right in the eye 🤪 peep my mom & dawg #mushroomgirl #cottagecore #fyp #foryou #halloween #costume ♬ 5 foot 3 and super gay – 🖤𝗞𝗲𝗻𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗮💜