Family Turned A School Bus Into A Hostel On Wheels

Photo by Victor Dueñas Teixeira on Unsplash

Val and Tim have been living in an American school bus that they converted into a hostel on wheels for three years now. And they take people from around the world to the most beautiful places in Europe.

“We have been living on the road for quite a long time now and even though we had our fair share of bus breakdowns, it can never compare to all the unforgettable moments we experienced thanks to our house on wheels. It’s been 100% worth it to keep going and conquer all the challenges that have crossed our path. We want to share this beautiful video with you so you can feel and see what it’s like to live on the bus when everything works :). The freedom of having a new backyard every day. A comfortable bed, like-minded people, an enthusiastic little nomad and dog running around, mind-blowing landscapes, northern lights.. It’s time to focus on all the beauty and positive things the bus brings us and all the beautiful places the bus will take us the coming year(s),” Val wrote on Boredpanda.

You can join them in their great adventure here: