Florist Decorates Statues and Trash Cans With Beautiful Flower Displays

Lewis Miller, a floral designer and the owner of Lewis Miller Design company, has a very special mission. Three years ago he started a project where he began leaving beautiful flower displays in garbage cans, statues, phone booths, and so on. Although his creations are gorgeous, they usually don’t stay alive long.

“We try and gently suggest that people try and keep them in tact for a few hours but honestly, we have had trash can Flower Flashes be taken apart in less than an hour,” Miller shared to Gothamist. “It’s at times heartbreaking to know that something you made can disappear that quickly but quite honestly, it’s that delicious impermanence that makes them so special.”

You can see Miller’s project on his website and Instagram account where he has attracted over 127 thousand followers.

Scroll down and take a look at his flower designs below. Aren’t they gorgeous?