Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows a Pine Cone Seed Growing Into a Pine Tree

The YouTube channel Boxlapse regularly shares videos that condense days into seconds and result in impressive scenes. However, their latest video might be one of the most amazing ones. It features a time-lapse of a cone seed growing into a small pine tree.

The video starts with a pine cone being left to open up. After seven days, the seeds are revealed, making it easy to extract them. Next, the seed is placed in the soil and watered.

What follows is a mesmerizing sight of the seed going through all the stages of its growth before becoming a tree. This took 300 days from start to finish, but thanks to Boxlapse, we are able to see the whole process in just one minute.

“Last Christmas they sold these stone pine cones in the supermarket so I bought one to try to see if i could grow something from the seeds. And it turned out to be one of my favorites this year. Definitely keeping this one going for longer, so there will most likely be an update video coming end of next year,” Boxlapse shared in the description of the video.

Check out the video below.