Influencer Shares Pictures Trying To Raise Awareness of Normal Bodies

How many times have you hated the way you look? Because grandma told you that you are skin and bone? Or your brother said you are fat and ugly? And let us be honest. It hurt, didn’t it?

Mikayla Zazon is a 25-year-old creator, speaker, and leader who is “on a mission to normalize normal bodies, and help women find the courage to speak their truth and the confidence to love themselves at any size.”

The social media influencer has more than 997,000 Instagram followers, 1.4 million admirers, and 42.2 million likes on her TikTok account. Better known as Mik on the internet, she talks about body positivity and self-acceptance in her posts.

Although she doesn’t find confidence every day, for her, there is no finish line.

“Loving your body doesn’t have to be perfect. But the process of loving your body looks more like accepting your body at every stage in your life. And that’s an act of love,” she said in an interview for Frank Body.

She also added that she could not choose a favorite body part: “My favorite body part is probably all of it. I love how perfectly imperfect it is.”

If you are struggling with your body image, you should definitely check out Mik’s social media platforms.