Instagram Page Draws Interesting Facts About Our Everyday Life

Ferdio, an infographic agency transforming data and information into captivating visuals is the creator of Factourism, an Instagram page that illustrates interesting facts about everyday life.

“Funny and unbelievable facts about people, animals, science, you name it,” they wrote on Bored Panda. “In our quest for facts, we came across all kinds of topics including nature, culture, climate, history, and technology.”

They have been gathering interesting facts for quite some time and found some amazing and hilarious information about our planet and the things that surround us.

“We have been collecting the strangest and most surprising facts we could find and turning them into drawings that we post on our Instagram,” they added. “We have over 150 and counting now!”

If you are interested to learn some amazing things about our nature, climate, culture, history, and technology, have a look at Factourism’s Instagram page. Did you find something interesting?