Ira Kutsyna Embroiders Miniature Replicas of Famous Paintings

Stitch enthusiast, Ira Kutsyna, creates miniature embroidery replicas of famous paintings. From Vincent van Gogh, Monet and Klimt to Magritte and Munch, Kutsyna does it all. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, she uses short stitch to replicate the original brushstrokes. Aside from modern art, Kutsyna finds inspiration in the world around her. Varied motifs from nature can be found throughout her embroidered brooches and patches.

Embroidery is considered a craft that requires time and patience, and although, Kutsyna stitches in miniature size, she still needs a day or two to complete a brooch and up to five days to complete a hoop. Her Starry Night brooch, for example, required a whole week for her to capture perfectly all of its swirling details.

While creating her pieces, she carefully picks the right colors, textures, and forms. You can find images of her creations on her Instagram page called Blooming Day Things and on her Etsy store, where she sells some of her remarkable pieces.