Italian Artist Uses Coffee to Create Impressive Paintings

Where would we be without coffee? This awesome drink helps us start our morning the right way, gets us through the day, and gives us energy for everything in between. But this isn’t all of it. Coffee apparently can also be used for paintings as the work of Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli shows.

Bernardelli is a coffee aficionado who drinks her first-morning coffee and spills the second one on canvas. Curiously, this is how her venture into coffee art started.

One day she was enjoying a cup of coffee while trying to start on a new painting. She ended up spilling the coffee on the canvas by accident, and an idea was born. Instead of cleaning the coffee from canvas, she started using her teaspoon as a brush and figured the drink worked remarkably well as paint.

Bernardelli continued spilling coffee on the canvas, but this time on purpose. This led to the creation of impressive paintings that became her calling card. Another unique thing about her creative process is that she never plans her next artwork. Instead, she lets coffee splashes decide for her.

“My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life,” Bernardelli describes her approach.

Check out more of her intriguing artworks below.