Kiva Ford’s Glass Miniatures Fit on the Tip of Your Finger

If you ever find yourself needing a miniature vase or a one-inch jug, Kiva Ford is your man. This talented glassblower creates impressive glass vessels, vases, and containers that fit on the tip of your finger.

Ford’s passion for glassblowing dates back to his early childhood when he saw a glassblowing demonstration at a small-town fair. This initial fascination never left him, and he ended up choosing glassblowing as a career by getting a college degree in Scientific Glassblowing.

Initially, Ford created complex glass instruments that were used by scientists during their research. Later on, he started using the skills he acquired more creatively. He started making all sorts of glass art, including glass miniatures.

It was these miniatures that brought him particular recognition. Despite their tiny size, they are stunningly detailed and share all the characteristics of their bigger counterparts.

Over the years, Ford’s pieces have been exhibited all over the world and featured in publications, galleries, and museums like Corning Museum of Glass, and the Glass Art Society. He also shared his techniques and skills with others in workshops and demonstrations.

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