Laima Laurina Will Leave You in Awe with Her Flower Petal Ceramics

Ceramic artists inspired by flowers are not a rarity in the pottery world, but there’s something that sets Laima Laurina apart. The Latvian artist made quite a splash with her flower petal collection, and you’ll have to take a closer look to realize how much attention to detail she put into each and every piece.

Laurina is a ceramics artist who hails from Riga, Latvia, and she’s been interested in ceramics for several years before deciding to pursue a degree in this subject at the Art Academy of Latvia. She later decided to branch out and expand her horizons by attending an exchange program in Mallorca, Spain.

Laurina enjoys experimenting with different shapes and patterns, and her artistic journey involved a lot of trial and error before she finally found her voice. She’s now best known for creating incredibly intricate ceramic vessels with an ombre effect, that look like they’ve been covered with countless colorful flower petals.

“All pieces are wheel-thrown from white porcelain and covered in tiny flower petals made from pigmented porcelain. One of the most time-consuming projects I’ve worked on because each petal is put on one at a time making the finished product completely unique,” Laurina explains on her Etsy page.