Laur’Art Crochet is Putting Food-Inspired Crochet on the Map

Crochet experienced a huge boom in the past few years, and the times when we only used it to knit sweaters and vests are long behind us. We’ve seen many artists put a twist on crochet in the most unexpected ways, including Laur’Art Crochet, a French brand that specializes in food-inspired crochet.

Laur’Art Crochet was founded by Laura Glmt, who’s based in Hyères, a tiny town located in the French Rivera. She specializes in making crocheted toys for babies, and she attracted over 100,000 followers on TikTok and 80,000 more on Instagram since she started sharing them with the world.

Her creations take all sorts of different shapes and forms, from foxes and octopuses to koalas and rabbits, but she wouldn’t have caught our attention if she focused on animals alone. Many crochet artists make similar toys, but Laura found a way to stand out by shifting her focus to food-inspired crochet art.

Laura made quite a splash with her Dînette collection, named after the French word for a dining room. Toys in this collection are divided into four parts – fruits, vegetables, other foods, and baskets, which are composed of several fruits and veggies from other collections.

Some of her food-shaped crochets are extra fun because they can be pieced apart, creating an illusion that you’re cutting her crochet fruits and veggies.