Lula Goce’s Photorealistic Murals Evoke Childhood Wonder and Imagination

Lula Goce is a talented Spanish artist that turns blank and grey facades of buildings across the world into photorealistic murals. Her works have a surreal feel to them and evoke childhood wonder and imagination.

Goce’s artistic beginnings are tied to Barcelona’s street art and graffiti scene, which she became a part of during her studies at The Fine Art University of Barcelona. It was there that she discovered an affinity towards huge pieces and started doing murals.

It’s not hard to see how people have fallen in love with her work. The technique and skill she has is undeniable, but she has that intangible quality as well. She clearly possesses that “artist gene” that delivers messages beyond just words.

In the past several years, Goce left her stamp on architecture in the United States, Azerbaijan, and Sweden, among other countries, while also organizing exhibitions in galleries in Monterrey, Paris, and Vienna.

Goce’s works are mostly centered on children who find themselves surrounded by fantasy elements. Check out more of them below.