Meet Kim Simonsson’s Fascinating “Moss People”

Finnish artist Kim Simonsson always wanted to become a painter. But having been rejected from the art schools he wanted to go to, Simonsson opted for studying ceramics and glass at the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. And he never looked back.

Since graduating from the university, Simonsson established himself as one of Finland’s most important contemporary sculptors. His works are intriguing, captivating, and puzzling. Looking at the sculptures, the viewer is easily fascinated but is also left with an underlying feeling of unsettlement. This is especially the case with the artist’s series known as “Moss People.”

In “Moss People,” Simonsson crafts sculptures of children that look like they are covered in moss. These works have a mystical feel to them, resembling forest creatures you often read about in fantasy books. What’s particularly interesting about the series is that it was born by accident.

Simonsson wasn’t satisfied with the black coating on one of his sculptures, so he decided to apply neon-yellow flocks to it. This resulted in a distinct color that resembled moss, prompting Simonsson to look at the sculpture as a “forest creature.” He started creating more of these sculptures, and they soon became his calling card.

Simonsson’s “Moss People” have been exhibited in galleries in his native Finland, France, Canada, and several other countries. They also served as an inspiration for the book Tales of the Moss People, which reveals more detail about each sculpture and adds another dimension to the series. Continue scrolling to see more of these fascinating sculptures.