Meet Meon Ji the Black Cat That Blend Into His Surroundings

Unfortunately, black cats are considering to bring bad luck. However, let us hope that no one believes in these silly old wise tales anymore because these felines are adorable, like cats of other colors. One of the members of this group is Meon Ji.

He is a black Scottish fold cat that has over 350,000 followers on Instagram. He is so black that sometimes he blends into his surroundings. Only his big green eyes will expose him if he keeps them open. The funny thing is that his owner, Kim Aerin was not a fan of black felines either. However, the four-year-old Meon Ji, whose name means “dust” in Korean, changed her opinion.

“I really didn’t like black cats very much. But ever since meeting my cat, I’ve completely fallen in love with black cats, even despite the fact that I did buy Meon Ji,” she told Bored Panda. “So far I am so happy with the attention we are receiving, but I want people around the world to know that all cats are cute, regardless of color!”

To follow Meon Ji’s story, check him out on Instagram. Meanwhile, keep scrolling to see our favorite images of the blackest cats of them all.