Mexican Artist Uses Colorful Palettes to Create His Anima-Inspired Illustrations

Yeti is the pseudonym for a graphic designer and illustrator from Mexico City who began his career at a well-known Mexican television company. He describes himself as a vibrant person who loves colorful palettes and various textures.

“I’m a Photoshop person, but I can work fine with vectors in Illustrator and animate in AE. I rather Photoshop ‘cause you can play more with forms and they look more natural. Also, movement is my thing! The themes I like to illustrate the most are animals, travels and love,” the artist told in an interview for Ballpit.

Yeti mostly finds inspiration in his animals, five cats and two dogs, and his wife, but he also gets inspired by his fellow artists as well. He mentions few, including Oliver Jeffers and Sussana Ruiz.

If you are curious to see more of his work, check out the gallery below or have a look on Instagram for more.