Mirrors Reflect You is Promoting Healing and Self-Love

We all have those days when we look at the mirror and don’t really like what we see, but Mirrors Reflect You is here to change that. This online community is all about spreading healing and self-life by sharing photos of mirrors with empowering quotes written over them.

Mirrors Reflect You proposes you should ask yourself one simple question – “What does a mirror see when no one’s watching?” It’s not always a lovely image, but this page is all about using that self-reflection to turn your life around for the better and make necessary changes to improve and thrive.

“Oftentimes, there are a lot of things we need to hear but tend to avoid. Fortunately, a mirror sees everything and this collection portrays exactly that! Each case is associated with text on a mirror that allows you to self-reflect and analyze things you may have overlooked,” reads the brand’s Casetify page.

Mirrors Reflect You is all about prioritizing mental health, self-love, and healing. Its founder Aisha Tahir is based in Canada and she’s a bachelor of commerce graduate from York University in Toronto. She started this community in summer of 2020, during a time when we all needed some encouraging words to keep going, and she attracted over 280,000 followers to her Instagram page in the meantime.