Paper Artist Recreates Endangered Species

The most amazing artists are the ones who are able to combine their visceral talent with something they are objectively passionate about. They’re the ones who draw with a purpose, instead of simply letting everything flow out of them without much rhyme or reason to it all. That’s exactly with Mlle Hipolyte is all about.

Hipolyte is a Lyon-based paper artist whose latest project is both amazing to look at and serves an important cause. His most recent works have been focused on recreating endangered species. She uses paper to create impressive sculptures of flora and fauna on the brink of extinction, hoping that she can raise awareness to the people before it’s too late.

According to this talented artist, these pieces are time-consuming as she does comprehensive research about the subject before starting with the work. However, this allows her to be very detailed, making the final results very rewarding.

However, like we said, her project is about so much more than garnering critical adulation from the crowd. It’s about changing the world for the better, and it looks as though her influence is already doing just that.

Check out more of Hipolyte’s paper sculptures below.