Photo-like Portraits Drawn with Color Pencils

Image via heather12ooney/Instagram

25-year old American artist, Heather Rooney does her works of art using only a colored pencil and graphite. Rooney is an expert of making her portraits looking like a real photo which can confuse anyone by the first look.

“After the first portrait I drew in my high school art class, I became captivated with the challenge of photorealistic drawing and the meticulous attention to detail that it required,” Heather stated on her website. “The labor-intensive commitment to photorealism caused me to feel driven to continue improving my technique,” she added.

Rooney says that during her college years she spent a majority of her free time drawing portraits with colored pencil. “Being in the age of growing social media platforms, I decided to share my lengthy process online through time-lapse videos.”

Every portrait takes a few hours to complete and each one is exceptional as she make sure that it was perfectly done that is why each looks like the real thing. These drawings will show how real her drawings look like.