Puerto Rican Artist Nikita is Making Adorable Funghi Dolls

Mushroom-shaped décor is stronger than ever right now, and the talented artist Nikita from Puerto Rico seems to love it more than anyone. She goes by The Fungi Girl on social media, and her custom-made mushroom-shaped dolls are the most adorable thing that you’ll see all day.

Nikita has been creating art for over a decade, but it’s only been about a year since she started her Instagram page @nikitawootarts. She attracted over 100,000 followers so far, and her rise to prominence kicked off once she started creating her signature fungi dolls.

We’ve watched Nikita’s skills evolve in real time because she initially only posted her paintings before deciding to start experimenting with her sawing machines. Her quirky dolls quickly went viral, and many people contacted her asking for their own.

All of Nikita’s creations are unique in their own right, and each doll has a name and its “birth certificate”. Many of her recent posts also describe dolls’ personalities in detail, listing their character traits and hobbies.

Fungi dolls put Nikita on the map, but you can find so much more on her official website. She enjoys making everything from jewelry and pins to tote bags and keychains—and most of them are mushroom-shaped!