Rami Kim Creates Whimsical Ceramic Pieces You’ll Fall in Love With

Image via ramikimstudio/Instagram

Do you like your coffee and tea mugs to have some character to them? If that’s the case, then you’ll fall in love with the ceramic works of Rami Kim.

This Los Angeles-based artist creates whimsical ceramic pieces that come with facial expressions. While the face features are minimalistic and include just mouth, nose, and sometimes eyes, each of her creations is unique in a way and looks like it has its own personality.

Kim, who studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts and UCLA, first got the idea for this intriguing project when she was working as a stop-motion animator. As part of the process, she was required to make small figurines and sculptures with different facial expressions. At one point, she decided to employ the techniques she learned in ceramic, and the idea of ceramic pieces with miniature faces was born.

Nowadays, Kim makes all sorts of mugs, bowls, and dishes in her characteristic style that are inspired by “organic shapes, nature, feelings, simplicity, and of course, people.” She also intends to combine this with her passion for animation in order to produce a series of short animated films with faced ceramic pieces as the main characters.

Check out more of her unique works below.