Sasha Vinogradova Creates Impressive Digital Illustrations of Insect-Inspired Jewelry

Sasha Vinogradova is a talented Los Angeles-based graphic designer and artist who recently shared an intriguing series of digital illustrations called “Jewel Insects.” The works in this series consist of various jewelry pieces shaped like insects decorated with precious stones.

According to Vinogradova, the series was prompted by her fascination with nature and ornamental motifs.

“In this series, I wanted to depict whimsical nature of insects as pieces of handmade metalwork,” she explains on her website. She also revealed that the list of software she used for this amazing project includes Cinema 4D, Zbrush, and Arnold Render.

While working on the individual pieces, the artist made sure that each could stand out as an individual artwork but also fit in the overall theme of the series.

“Each piece needed to look great as individual artwork, but also as a part of the series,” she shared.

Vinogradova’s collection of insects is quite diverse and covers all the insects you are familiar with. This includes several butterflies, a bee, a wasp, a spider, and a dragonfly. Each piece has distinct metalwork and different gemstones covering its body.

Check out more works from the Jewel Insects series below.