Ryan George’s Latest Clip About Video Games Is Hilarious And True

Can you imagine going to see a movie only to realize that it still hasn’t been completed? In the movie industry, such a thing would be unheard of—but they’re actually very common in the gaming industry.

Gamers are already used to the fact that the latest game they purchased will come with glitches, but should that be the standard? We don’t think so, and neither does YouTuber Ryan George, who humorously tried to show us how ridiculous it would be if someone else tried to pull off the same thing.

In his video titled If Video Game Companies Made Jigsaw Puzzles, George pokes fun at the way the video game companies do their work today. Judging by thousands of comments below the video (in only five days!), he’s not alone in his thoughts.

As we read through them, it seems as if George only scratched the surface of the topic as it inspired many people to add their own thoughts on the matter. In general, people aren’t happy when they receive an unfinished product—but now gamers are finally standing up for themselves!