Serbian Artist Importalized Adorable Girl and Her Grandpa Through Street Art

Andrej Josifovski aka Pijanista is using the power of street art to send inspiring messages all over the world. One of his latest pieces is a case in point, and it immortalizes the love between an adorable girl and her grandfather—who came back to see their painting on the wall.

This mural is a part of Josifovski’s series “Usreci se” aka “Be Happy”. He’s a Serbian street artist and architect, who attracted almost Instagram 50,000 followers with his street and performance art. On his official website, Josifovski explains he’s trying to send “inspiring messages through murals all over the world.”

His latest artwork started with a little girl and her grandpa looking at one of his “be happy” murals, shaped like a yellow smiley face. The image of the two standing in front of the mural was so striking that he decided to paint the photo of the duo over the same wall in Belgrade, Serbia.

Many people came to see it in the flash, including Natalija and Slobodan—the granddaughter-grandfather duo from the mural. Josifovski  even posted a photo of the two looking at the mural, writing, “Dan you imagine my happiness when I saw a little girl Natalija and her grandfather Slobodan looking at themselves on the wall…?!”