Sugar Devotion is Making Instagram’s Geekiest Macarons

Macarons have apparently proven to be an amazing creative outlet for food artists, and many of them have come up with great ways to put a twist on this French dessert. Katrina of Sugar Devotion is one of Instagram’s leading macaron artists, and her creations are so geeky and cute that they’ll melt your heart.

Unlike the majority of macarons we get to see online and at our local bakeries, Katrina’s aren’t strictly round and they don’t come in a single color. At first glance, you’ll probably confuse them with regular glazed cookies because of their shape and incredible attention to detail.

Katrina uses a traditional piping technique to make her macarons come to life, and she even has pre-made templates for some of her most popular designs. Even when that’s the case, her work requires a lot of time and patience due to the complexity of her macarons.

One of the things that set Sugar Devotion apart from other macaron-based Instagram pages is that it has a clear theme. The majority of Katrina’s sweet treats are pop-culture based, and they pay homage to her favorite movies and TV shows—such as Star Wars, Sesame Street, and Pokémon.