These Cool Tattoos Are Styled like Watercolor Drawings and Paintbrush Art

We can never get tired of looking at cool tattoos, and the works of Chinese tattoo artist Chen Jie certainly fall into this category. Jie’s works are known for creating unique tattoos that are styled like watercolor drawing and paintbrush art.

Jie, who works out of her tattoo studio based in Beijing, is best known for pieces that are inspired by traditional Chinese art and it’s aesthetic.

“I want people to know that traditional Chinese landscapes, still-life paintings, and portraits can also be tattoos,” Jie explains in an interview with South China Morning Post.

According to Jie, her tattoos are complicated to do and require a lot of work.

“For regular tattoos, you first draw the outline and then fill in the colors,” – she added. “But Chinese watercolor tattoos don’t have outlines. You have to ink it slowly, bit by bit from the bottom to top.”

Despite the hard work, Jie’s tattoos are definitely worth it as you’ll hardly find anything similar out there. Her clients agree which is why she already became one of China’s most popular tattoo artists.

Check out more of her works below.