These Portraits of Women Delve Deeply into Surrealism

Aniela Sobieski is a talented artist from Minnesota who paints portraits of women wearing elaborated accessories on their faces. However, these accessories are not makeup or piercings, but flowers, fruits, and even landscapes.

To understand what we mean by that, all you would have to do is check out some of her artwork. The surrealistic nature of Sobieski’s paintings is beautiful, masterful, and wonderful weird in the best of ways. It’s the kind of artwork that you can stare at for hours and still find new interesting details in them.

Sobieski says that she got the inspiration for this series from “the human impulse to self-decorate”. Her works tend to be true to that inspiration with each portrait aiming to represent the accessories as reflections of the subject wearing them.

“It is my hope that these relationships speak to the tendency for nature and the human psyche to mirror each other,” said Sobieski. Most of Sobieski’s pieces are small-scale oil paintings and could be described as a mix of classical art with a surreal and dreamy feel.

Check out more of them below.