This Kinetic Clock Turns Passing Hours Into Moving Art

Image by @animaro_design / Instagram

Solstice is a kinetic clock that progressively changes shape throughout the day, turning the passing of time into a moving art. The wooden clock is designed by Matt Gilbert of the London-based studio Animaro.

The innovative movement was inspired by nature, opening and closing like a flower. It expands to its largest form when the sun is at its highest peak. Then when the sun is setting down, it will contract at 6 p.m. “It is a moving backdrop to you life, offering a new way to tell the time, through shape and pattern,” according to their Kickstarter campaign.

“Solstice is a 12 hour clock with a single hour hand, much like a sundial. It does not show minutes or seconds, but rather, shows the time of day. It offers a more relaxed and meditative view of time.”

The shape-shifting clock is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.