This Music Duo Will Cheer You Up If Nothing Else

In search of some quality content in times of pandemic? So are we… And you should know that we’re not ones to take our job lightly. This next music duo will cheer you up like nothing else. After all, it’s made of Trench, a man, and his drummer, a dog. While Trench is hidden and Maple, is not actually playing the drums, the result couldn’t be any more wholesome. Trust us on that.

“I never wanted to be famous so I prefer for the focus to be on the music, the instrument,” writes Trench on his website. Maple, on the other hand, a mixed breed with part Border Collie, Golden Retriever, and Shetland Sheepdog,is front and center.

“I started with an electric guitar when I was about 8, but I didn’t take the instrument that seriously until I was 12-13 when I bought an acoustic guitar,” explains Trench. “Aside from a few basic guitar/piano lessons, I’m self taught with all the instruments I play. I learned to read sheet music and would spend hours every day sight reading anything I could find online. Learning a lot of classical/flamenco music helped develop my Fingerstyle guitar techniques.”

His instruments now include the Acoustic, Electric and Classical Guitar, as well as Harp, Piano, Drums, Harmonica, Accordion, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Glockenspiel, Kalimba, Violin, and Cello. But enough babbling… let the music do the talking.