Traveler Abdullah Ibrahim Captures Beautiful Landscape Images

Abdullah Ibrahim has many descriptions to his name. He describes himself as a programmer, runner, traveler, cyclist, fitness lover, and foodie based in Amsterdam. During his journeys, Ibrahim has visited a total of 30 countries. Also known as Abby on social media, the photographer loves traveling, nature, mountains, taking photos, and making videos.

On one of his travels, he visited Tromso to see the Northern Lights. The first time he went wasn’t that successful; the weather wasn’t great. However, sometime later, he traveled to Tromso, again.

“So I and my girlfriend decided to travel again to Tromso for a long weekend,” Abby shared with Bored Panda. “We booked the flight towards the end of tourist season on moonless nights and hoped that unlike last time, weather will be kind to us. We drove around the Island during days to hike and explore and hunted for Aurora in dark nights outside city lights.”

He shares his images on his Instagram account where you can follow his work.

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