Visoth Kakvei’s Intricate Animal Drawings Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

Many artists use animals as their main sorts of inspiration, showing them in a way we’ve never seen them before, but no one does it like Visoth Kakvei. This Cambodian artist and graphic designer is crafting intricate animal drawings that will take your breath away. And all he uses is a ballpoint pen!

If you think that mandala art is complex, wait until you see Kakvei’s drawings—he’s truly taking things to a whole new level! His drawings are so detailed that you’ll find yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief as you look at these incredibly complex puzzle-like drawings flowing effortlessly around the page.

Kakvei’s doodles often put animals front and center, but that’s not always the case. He’s inspired by nature overall, and his art often depicts flowers, galaxies, and everyday stuff that inspires him.

Like most kids, Kakvei enjoyed drawing from a young age but managed to hone his skills in a way most of his peers didn’t. He enjoyed practicing after school and his upbringing significantly impacted his creative journey.

“I’m so attached to nature because when I was younger, I spent most of the time at the farm with my parents growing rice and vegetables. And we had to pass by the jungle to reach our farm,” Kakvei told Channel NewsAsia. We can definitely see the inspiration from the jungle, and his drawings of animals sure are wildly beautiful.