You Can Now Live Full-Time on Sea Thanks to a Luxury Residential Cruise Ship

Back in the day, if you wanted to spend your life at sea, you needed to make quite a lot of sacrifices. But not anymore. Thanks to MV Narrative, the first residential cruise ship, living full-time on the sea and doing it comfortably has never been easier.

MV Narrative is a project by a company called Storylines that started more than five years ago. According to their brochure, the cruise ship will embark on its first sail in 2025 and will sail the world “indefinitely.”

Those interested in swapping the land for the sea can purchase a variety of properties at MV Narrative, ranging from a studio apartment that costs $1 million to a four-bedroom, two-floor unit that comes at around $8 million. There is also a living fee of $2,600 that needs to be paid on a monthly basis.

While the price of living on a cruise ship might seem steep, it is important to note that this covers all your expenses. Food, drinks, entertainment options, medical, recreational space, and much more will be provided free of charge for all residents. Also, you get to visit all those amazing places you only dreamt of seeing before.

According to the company, they expect to have 1,000 residents settled in 547 units. The business is booming so far, with some of the ship’s 11 floors already sold out. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether this ambitious project will actually come to fruition.