A 5-Year-Old Autistic Boy Gets The Ultimate Gift From his Favorite Store

Whether it’s a mall, a clothing shop, or a food store, we all missed visiting our favorite places during the lockdown. Such was the case with one UK-based five-year-old Harry Lord, who wasn’t able to shop at his favorite store because of the third lockdown.

Harry, who has autism, has a deep love for Poundland, a toy store where he and his mother Melanie used to regularly visit. The employees, being familiar with Harry’s love for Poundland, decided to send him a heartwarming gift: a uniform, an “employee of the month” badge, and a collectible Poundland truck.

“They are aware of how changes can affect children like Harry and wanted to let him know his favorite shop is thinking of him,” Melanie told Metro UK. “They have been brilliant to him and have made him smile when things have been tough. It’s been really heart-warming and shows there is still so much kindness in the world.”

Melanie also added that her son got his first Poundland uniform when he was only three years old. To follow Harry’s journey, check out his mom’s Instagram profile, where she regularly posts images of her adorable family.